BlackFish isometric game engine

BlackFish is an open source isometric game engine written in C++ for the MS windows DirectX7 platform. It runs in 800x600x16 graphics mode, either windowed or full screen. A custom map editor, called EditFish, is included.

Note: Unfortunately, due to lack of time and interest, active work on BlackFish has been discontinued. The full source code is available for download.


Hey, I'm BuschnicK. What's with the name you ask? My nickname from highschool when I still sported an 80s metal long lion-mane hairstyle. It was either Jesus, Leo or bush-nick back then. BuschnicK was unique so I capitalized it like MetallicA and went with it. Served me well so far - particularly in English speaking circles, as those usually have trouble with my real name, Sören.

I cycled through Europe for 6 months and 15.000km using nothing but a compass and a 1:25.000.000 map for navigation. On good days I made about 4cm on that. Self-supported and self-funded I spent the time as a homeless bum in a tent, thinking and writing about all kinds of shit.

Returning from the trip I ditched university in favour of freelancing as a software developer for several companies (Eftas, CLK, Orderbase, zynamics). I wrote core pieces of technology for each of these and gathered experience in such divergent fields as industrial image analysis, remote sensing, production plannnig and reverse engineering.

zynamics got acquired by Google in march 2011. This made me enter a contract as a regular wage slave and move with our small team of eight to the beautiful country of Switzerland and Google's European development headquarter in Zürich. So far it's been a blast. When I'm not writing code (no one is working here!) I'm usually climbing some random mountain.

You can find me on all sorts of places on the net, but I mostly hang out on G+ nowadays.

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