Skiing Hoch-Ybrig

My last day of skiing before the season ended with Corona induced shelter-in-place was not off to a good start. Thomas was feeling a bit sick and the day started with a slight drizzle of rain. We decided to hedge our bets and only go to a small resort a short drive away from Z├╝rich. Thus we could bail without losing too much of an investment. I had never been to Hoch-Ybrig for skiing before, so at least it had the novelty factor going for me.

Thomas and I go back quite some time, having first met at University, then working together for many years. Thomas has since moved his life's center to the coast of France and is otherwise busy as a dad of a new human and a new startup. This reduces our facetime significantly and we had a lot of catching up to do. It turned into a super fun day. The skiing was almost coincidental - we were chattering all the time. It was almost a bit surreal at times: jump off the chair lift, quickly speed down the slope and continue the conversation mid sentence while queing for the next ride. Definitely not the best day in terms of sporting achievement, but great fun nevertheless!