Someone just doesn't get it...

From a Bloomberg article:
Gasoline use is rising almost 5 percent above the five-year average. [...] Many Americans have no choice but to drive more, says Christopher Knittel, an economist who studies fuel consumption at the University of California in Davis.


Never buy anthing that says Sony on it ever again...

Argh! There is lots of bad stuff to say about Sony, like it distributing rootkits for the good of the customer, but this time it's personal. I was dumb enough to buy a portable minidisc player (before all the mp3 players came out). The hardware is kinda ok, but the software must be the most hideously rotten piece of fucked up shit ever let lose on humankind. Of course it's your only option to use with the hardware. Of course it's windows only. Of course it has to scan all your drives in order to "register" your music. Naturally it only writes Sony native formats. Of course it doesn't read ogg vorbis. Of course it crashes about once a minute. For updating it you can of course be expected to install Internet Explorer (Sony's page doesn't like FireFox) and restart your computer about 500 times. Also, a simple download cannot be done without ActiveX and Flash activated. etc etc... It's just unbelievable that they should get away with it. Die Sony! Die, die, die! Go Apple go! Drive em into the ground.