Edible-Rock gold master done!

Just wanted to let you know that the new Edible-Rock CD music4earthlings is sent to the factory! Finally done! ;-) The official release party will be held on november the 27th, details to be announced on the website. As an appetizer I've snatched two songs from the new album: H.P.V. (of course I had to have this one since I kinda inspired it with my bike ride ;-) ) and Writings On The Wall And of course you can already listen to the album and see the cover art on Last.fm. you heard it here first!


Last.fm + Audioscrobbler know your musical taste!

I've said it before when the service was still called audioscrobbler: last.fm totally, absolutely, fantastically rocks! It's another one of these up and coming social computing websites. You download a music player and optionally a plugin for your current music player of choice. The plugin will upload your musical choices from now on (if you allow it to) - thus creating a musical profile. From that info it generates a list of musical neighbours, a list of recommendations (people who shop on amazon should know them: "people who bought X were also interested in Y") and all kinds of custom playlists. But the real bummer is yet to come: via their free player you can listen to dynamically generated radio playlists all day long - specifically tailored to your tastes! If you don't like it you can just skip a song and go to the next. Or say I only want to listen to music similar to "Jack Johnson" (insert your favourite artist). I love it. BTW, my profile and playlists are at: http://www.last.fm/user/BuschnicK/


I'm back from Canada

Anita and I arrived home from Canada last monday. We had a total blast. We spent 7 weeks driving, canoeing and hiking around in the Great Outdoors that is British Columbia. I have updated my Amazon associate links on my bookreview pages. If you happen to be a regular shopper on Amazon why don't you use this link instead of the regular Amazon one. Thank you. I'm currently loking for more software development contract work, so if you have any work/tips for me please contact me.