Bottich party march 26th

We've sold the "Bottich" (oak outdoor bathtub heated by a wooden stove - formerly from a beer brewery) and before it gets taken away we need to party once more and wreck the place.

You guys are all invited (If you know where it is and know me in real-life meat-space). And your significant others of course ;-)


  • big tub hot enough to burn yourself
  • small tub cold enough to freeze to death
  • tripod open fire barbecue grill
  • foosball table
  • trampoline
  • live music
  • big house, with tons of rooms to crash for the night

    Saturday, march 26 Havixbeck

    I'll be there for the whole day, preparing, cleaning up and heating the monster. Party usually starts around 8.

    Do come!