Bits and pieces

Take a look at this guy. He has left a sprinkler running all through an Alaska winter. The result is a ~30m high artificial tower of ice he uses for climbing. Humans need hobbies I guess ;-) It's worth reading the article from the beginning, the writing is hilarious and witty. In my arrogant moments I like to think I'm a free electron... but then reality usually catches up ;-)


Edible Rock rocks!

My brother's band won the first round in the international Emergenza newcomer festival. Congratulations! Now on to the next couple of rounds ;-) The festival covers the US, Canada and Europe. There are several qualification rounds, the first couple are decided by audience vote alone, while the next few will have a jury. Tonight 8 bands were competing and Edible Rock won first place with 80 votes. Second was Fortitude with 56. I believe in Germany alone 2500 bands have signed up for the competition... If you haven't been there yet, head straight over to the Edible Rock homepage and download some cool music.


European patent law

...or how big money has won over Democracy yet again. For the really optimistic there's still a glimmer of hope left, but seriously... http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20050307095336843


It's snowing!

Finally we get some real snow... I love it. I've just read that the night from sunday to monday was the coldest this winter with temperatures just above -14 degrees celcius. Funnily enough we heated our outdoor bathtub that night. So I was lying around naked in the snow - not feeling cold at all ;-)