Winter 2023 / 2024

The past winter was pretty unremarkable for me personally - I was sick a lot and could only realize some of my sports goals. However, as a family, we achieved some important milestones. Both Leonie and Lukas attended ski lessons in Austria. Leonie is now comfortable on red slopes and Lukas gets down blue runs. Meanwhile, Anita practiced a lot on her own and can now do blue runs as well. This means next season we should finally be all set to ski as a family! Quite excited about this progress.

Leonie also attended ice skating lessons and quickly became quite good at shooting across the ice. Very satisfying to watch how quickly she picked this up. Sometimes one could almost envy kids ;-P

My brother Torsten visited for a week in winter. I owed him a week of skiing in exchange for a week of garden work we put in in summer. I was sick for some of his visit, so while I did drug myself sufficiently to get some skiing in, we also spent a lot of hygge time at the house, painting with the kids, building Legos and playing music.

Pizol. We sampled Pizol, Lenzerheide and Engelberg this week.
Horrible experience when the resort is crowded like this ;-P
Oh yeah!
I could get used to empty runs like this. Only Torsten in my way...
Lego room.
Tons of 80s and 90s Lego nostalgia!
The entire gang.
Leonie doing a long red run with Torsten and me.
Lukas practicing "pizza".
Mel and Christian coming over for a traditional Swiss winter cheese raclette.
This is how far we made it with the painting.
Anita during our Zillertal ski vacation week.
Ski lessons are tiring!
Evening cocktails.
Leonie assisting the clown during the evening's performance.
Going up.
Leonie is magically attracted to horses.
Always be climbing! Lukas practicing a traverse.
Built-in entertainment at the kids hotel.
Back in Switzlerland. A day of skiing in the Jungfrau region with Christian.
Christian seems to approve ;-P