Bärahora (2,929m)

Christian and I went for another snowshoe hike in Grisons. Climbing the Bärenhorn or "Bärahora" as it is known in local dialect. We spent most of the day in the cloud. This was actually a blessing in disguise - it's a south-easterly approach and without the clouds we would have been scorched. I got severely sunburned even in these conditions. But the weather also rewarded us with a dramatically beautiful play of light through the swirling clouds and blue skies once we actually reached the summit at nearly 3,000m altitude. We covered nearly 15km and +1500m.

Christian. Surrounded by avalanche debris.
Christian casually sitting on the roof of a shack.
Skies opening up a little.
We had to break trail through some steeper sections.
Sights set on the summit just ahead.
The final bits were exposed and required a bit of scrambling.
Summit cairn. The actual highest point is a few meters further on along the ridge (we ticked that too ;-)).
Happy faces.
The ridge towards the actual summit.
Occasionally one may be tricked into thinking nature was just fine and climate breakdown was not a thing...
Bigfoot on the way down.