Leistchamm (2101m)

Another gorgeous winter day. Ben and I set out to climb the Leistchamm near Amden. We left our snowshoes in the car which turned out to be a bad call (sorry Ben!). While we could follow somebody else's footsteps for a while they gave up and turned around suddenly, not even a third up the mountain. So we had to break our own trail. Balls-deep in heavy snow made for strenuous progress. We still managed to reach the summit in good time. Three hours from the parking lot. The posted (summer!) hiking time was given with 2:40 hours. A couple joined us on the summit, smiling and thanking us for plowing snow for them. The way back down was fun. We didn't bother with switch backs this time and simply headed straight down. Kamikaze in deep snow ;-) In the end it took us about 5 hours to hike a distance of 6 km and 900 vertical meters.

Easy going!
Easy going?
Light at the end of the mountain.
Summit at 2101m.
Lake Walen. More than 1500m below us. Almost straight down from where I'm standing...
View towards Sargans.


Albis (915m)

It's beautiful outside, so I went for a spontaneous three hour hike along the Albis ridge.

Anita's new place of business.
Lake Zug.
How people imagine the pile of rocks on the summit used to look like.
Winter encroaching on the last bit of green.
Southern tip of lake Zürich.
The guardian of the Albishorn.