Life is fun

Spent two days cycling along the Ems river to the North Sea. Visiting my girl friend at her parents house. 265 kilometres, 115 the first day, 150 the second. I camped on a clearing near Meppen and woke up at exactly midnight to a fantastic lightning storm. Almost windstill, but continuous thunder and ligthning. My tent was bright for seconds on end. Nature at her finest. While cycling I only had the best weather though. I still have the sun tan line on my legs from my 6 months bicycle tour a year ago. Because of that I didn't have to use any sun screen this time and am back to my old dark "cyclist skin" ;-) It seems like my job will soon be a bit of C++ again - yeah! I had a couple of interesting discussions and language lawyer puzzles recently. Fun, fun, fun. Virtual inheritance, dominating methods, ... ahh the complexities and subtleties of the language never cease to amaze and intrigue me - I'm a whacko I guess ;-) I've started packing for Anita and my Canada trip this year. Plane leaves on Sunday...

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