A Foot of Snow...

... and Münster descends into chaos! Oh such fun - I love winter ;-) Anita and I went to a musical last night, Jeckyll and Hyde - awesome - go see it - which was 4 hours long. Coming out of the theatre all cars were burried in 20cm of fresh snow. Total chaos on the parking lot, no one could get out. Anita and I were on foot ;-) Today, almost no trains are running (which is relevant for my brother who tries to get to Cologne to see Tracy Chapman in concert), 40km traffic jams on the Autobahns because trucks can't make the easiest of slopes, non stop emergency sirens because people are just too damn stupid to deal with snow, power outings, ... I cycled 6km through the snow, took me almost twice as long as usual but was great fun... Go winter go! BTW, a cool non-car transportation system (that'd probably work in winter): http://www.skywebexpress.com/


  1. Hi Buschu,

    do you now that there even is a German research project for such a transportation system. It is called RailCab and was designed and prototyped by the Universität Paderborn:


    The Münster Mensarians planned a trip to go and see it, but we never got round to it.

    Have fun,

    Ps: they have a webcam, Paderborn does not have a patch of snow on the ground...amazing

  2. oh, and did you read my weblog entry for Saturday? We still think very much alike :-)


  3. Yup, read your entry. Yup, checked out the RailCab thingy. I want a transportation system like that to replace all inner city car traffic!

    Anyways, back to work ;-)