Reclaiming the streets

Take a look at this advertisement photo for an "American Dream Home". You have to wonder whether this was even built for humans - I can't see an entrance except coming in through the garages. I for one would certainly prefer to live in an area like this: Fortunately, some people still have some common sense left, are not afraid to voice it and actually have some say in urban planning and city design. Here is an inspiring interview with Hermann Knoflacher. Es lebe das Mittelklasse Gehzeug!


  1. Have a look at "The End of Suburbia"


    It is a movie about the American way of life and its connection to the availability of cheap oil. I found it quite interesting.

  2. HEY, that "Gehzeug" Picture, that's just around the corner from where I live! Funny, didn't know Mr. Knoflacher...