Ninja Peas

I have participated in one of the game prototyping challenges over at DanC's Lostgarden. The game (I'd rather call it a toy) is about peas thinking they are ninjas. They climb up blocks you place for them and jump from the highest points they can reach. If they survive they'll score points for every bounce - the higher the fall better. For detailed game rules and all the elite ninja moves the peas can do visit Dan's description of the game design. Keys: - ESC quits the game - Space spawns peas - Left mouse places a block - Right mouse deletes a block - Mousewheel or arrow keys cycle through available block types That's about it. Full source is included. Depends on a couple of external libraries. Do whatever you want with it - would be cool to send an email my way telling me whether it was useful. There are a couple of known bugs, mainly that some impacts don't register properly, peas can get stuck when "overbuilt" and that peas will sometimes float through blocks until they are back on course. It's fully playable though and all basic game mechanics work as intended. Download here. cheers, BuschnicK


  1. cool, you finished it :)

    I will download it and try it out as soon as I am on highspeed connection somewhere ... surfing with dial-up is just so not funny ... I am at breathtaking 26.4 kB at the moment, feels as if someone is pushing bits through the line by hand ... a lazy someone ...

  2. hm ... tut nicht ...

    "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application could fix this problem."

    Irgendwelche 3rd party libraries, die du nicht included hast? Mein Laptop ist ja noch ziemlich jungfraeulich, koennen also auch so elementare Dinge wie ATL, MFC oder sowas sein ... aber die hast du wahrscheinlich eher nicht benutzt ... irgendeine runtime-environment? Oder benutzt eine von den dlls irgendwelche COM Objekte oder so, die erst registriert werden muessen?

    Mach das mal, dass das tut :) ich will das Spiel spielen.

  3. Sorry, I only mentioned that in LostGarden's comments - you need the MSVC2008 runtime libraries:

    It's not really a game though - more an experiment...

  4. Very cool, I love the sounds, I think they add a lot to the game. Took me a while to find space bar to add peas though.

    Here's a shameless plug for my implementation: http://code.google.com/p/cutepeas/

    It's at about the same level as yours but without the sounds and with pretty pov climbing (I've only got them teleporting to nodes between jumps rather than gracefully sliding along planes so far)