Way cool graphic depicting the cost of being at the bleeding edge of technology. Imagine being the manufacturer of one of these products at the sweet spot - the point in time where the prices start to fall but market penetration explodes. Notice how the growths curves follow an "S" like shape until saturation is reached.

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  1. What I find most interesting is how newer technologies (like the DVD and digital camera for example) follow the same S-curve, but they reach the flat out point much quicker. If you develop a new technology today, you are really developing it for an (economical) lifespan of maybe ten years (and that is already a sucessful technology, mini-discs for example, were around shorter than that). What a difference to developments 100 years ago like the telephone, the light bulb or the car. Maybe the time for the great inventions, the ones which have a lasting impact on societies, is over. What was the last invention which has had or will have a real impact on our lives? Mobile phones? Wind turbines? I am not too sure about those and can't think of much else.