Bärentrek with Anita

7 days, 6 nights, 7197m elevation gain on the Bärentrek in the Berner Oberland. It was cloudy and raining every day - except when it was cloudy and snowing ;-) Beautiful trail and scenery. Highest point was the Bütlassesattel on the Gspaltenhorn with 3000m. Highest hut was the Blümlialp at 2840m. We woke up to fresh snow (down to ~2500m) and -6 degrees Celsius. We started in Meiringen and returned from Kandersteg.

We walked the Eiger trail below the world famous North Face. It is indeed quite impressive, the whole mountain looks forbidding and hostile. I'd very much like to climb it - not the north face but via the easier west ridge. One day...

Although the weather spoiled quite a few beautiful vistas it was also a good thing for us. We didn't book any of the huts in advance. Apparently all of them would have been full but most folks didn't show up due to the weather. We ended up being lucky and having some of the bed camps entirely to ourselves. So there you wimps! ;-)

I love this place!

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2011-08-03 - 2011-08-09 Bärentrek


  1. Ich melde nach einem Monat, zwei Wochen, drei Tagen und viereinhalb Stunden: meine Blasen sind erfolgreich verheilt!

  2. Ich melde nach zwei Monaten, einer Woche, vier Tagen und fünf Stunden: die Blasen sind verheilt! Jiihha.