A day of climbing near Stansstad

Andrey, Volodymyr, Hannah, Mike, Ben, Håvard and me went to Stansstad on lake Lucerne for a nice Saturday of climbing. We did mostly single pitches, some quite challenging (Volodymyr challenged me to a 6b+. I did somehow claw my way through, but not without cheating a little bit by taking a rest and a fall ;-)). I was mostly climbing with Mike who is usually my partner in the gym as well. He's far more experienced than me and a better climber. That doesn't stop him from teasing me into the same routes he climbs, causing me to pant and swear a lot. I've coined the term "Fuck you Mike! situation" as an accurate description of the kind of things he gets me into. I was complaining about my climbing shoes: I had brought two pairs, one with my toes sticking out the front and generally abused to the point of falling apart and another one that's a full size too small and painfully tight. Mike commented on my whining and mocked me into climbing a whole pitch barefoot. Not recommended on granite with sharp edges. Håvard and me ended the day with a head first rappel down, experimenting with how to build a chest harness from slings. The idea was to swing down the wall in fluid Rambo movements, blazing a fictional gun. In reality we were jerkily hopping down getting red faces from reduced blood circulation.

A very fun day indeed! All photos here.

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