Sunday hike: Adliswil to Zug via Albis

We had a pretty fun day of rafting on Saturday. Tim's stag party. It was raining continuously, so unfortunately we weren't allowed to go on the river we originally planned for (apparently they let too much water through the dam, upping the whitewater grade beyond what's allowed for commercial tours. All my begging didn't help ;-/ ). So we went on a more tame river rated at 2-3. High water made it interesting nevertheless - we had whole trees floating by and had to watch out continuously for low hanging branches over and into the water. Fun. Continued with a BBQ and lots of booze at Tim's place. Got home around 5 in the morning, just before sunrise.

I was pretty hung over on Sunday and got up late. Since Mama Google is feeding us well during the week I didn't have any food in the house. Slaughtered a chocolate Easter bunny for breakfast and went for a walk up Albis. The ridge looked nice, so I kept going. Motivating music on my ears, clouds, but no rain, I got into the rhythm of the hike. Saw a lake on the horizon and headed for it. Turned out to be lake Zug. So I kept walking for 30.54km climbing a total of 870m. Arrived in Zug just in time with the fast train back to Zürich, buying my ticket via the phone while boarding. Pretty cool day and I think I've worked off my hang over ;-)


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