Climbing near Kröntenhütte (~2000m)

The weather forecast was mocking us with 5 days of sunshine, followed by 2 days of thunderstorms and heavy rain on the weekend, followed by 5 days of sunshine. Unfortunately it turned out to be right and we'd get a lot of rain. Nevertheless Linus, Gintare, Ben, Wilson, Andrey and me headed out for an overnight stay at the Kröntenhütte which features a lot of climbing areas in the immediate vicinity.

After a much longer hike in than expected (~15km, 1500m) we climbed some nice boulders (bolted) right next to the hut until we got surprised by a torrential rain shower, drenching us in minutes. Fleeing to the safety of the hut we spent the night playing board games and drinking some evil Jägermeister knock-off our Russian friend Andrey brought along.

The weather wasn't looking much better on Sunday so we headed for "the roof": a ~30m overhanging wall that offers natural protection from the rain. The hut crew bolted it and mounted some artificial holds to make it climbable. Quite exhausting - one tends to underestimate the effect overhangs have on your endurance. One route is called "endgeil" ("way cool", but it's also a word play in German for "the end is cool") and offers an awesome swing out over the valley once you've climbed it and are coming down again. Feels like flying weightless into the void.

Andrey, Sören
I've explained before that Linus has this rare disability that prevents him from making a straight face on photos.
Glatt glacier
Evacuating the belay spot and hiding from the rain in some cave.
A fitting board game that'll have you visit Swiss mountain huts and collect mountaineering gear.
Only cool people get to walk on snow in July.
Nice trail through a canyon with lots of waterfalls.

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