Fronalpstock (1921m), Huser Stock (1904m), Chlingenstock (1935m)

It's Sunday, Anita is here and the weather is great. We want to go floating down the Aare on inflatable rafts. As usual my planning is top notch so all boats are already rented out. The alternative plan? Why - go into the mountains of course! Mel and Christian join us and we take the car (Christian's that is) to Schlattli, near the Vierwaldst├Ąttersee (lake Lucerne). Mel and Christian have been partying hard the previous night, getting home around 5 in the morning. Thus we start late and arrive at the cable car to the tiny mountain village of Stoos around 2 o'clock. The train conductor is nice enough to wait for us until we bought tickets and off we go.

It's a very nice and easy trail with beautiful scenic vistas over the lake. Lots of people are taking advantage of the sunshine and easy accessibility of the area (there are multiple of cable cars for the lazy) and it's quite crowded. Anita is particularly fond of all the cows grazing in the area and names and greets every one of them individually. Mel successfully breaks in her new hiking boots, bought just the day before.

Anita with Mathilda
Sleeping off the booze

We are quite slow to the top of the Fronalpstock (1921m) and the restaurant is already preparing to close for the day. We buy the last few pieces of cake and sad Christian is sad getting his "Schnitzel mit Pommes" without the "Pommes" because the fryer has already been turned off ;-)

Sad Christian is sad

I separate from the others at the summit cross. It's already 17:00 in the afternoon and I still want to hike the ridge and some more peaks. This time of year it gets dark at around 8 o'clock and the sign states 2-3 hours to the last peak I'm aiming for plus 1.5 hours to get back down to base. I figure I can still fit that in.

The beginning of the ridge: Huser Stock

A wise decision it turns out to be. The ridge is beautiful with a freshly renovated trail and spectacular vistas down steep slopes on either side. I summit three more peaks on the way and arrive back down at the cable car just ten minutes later than the rest of the group, 2 hours after we separated.

We end the day in my apartment with a well deserved beer and pizza.

Trio: ~700m up and down again, ~10km
Me: ~1100m up and down again, ~14km

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