Haglere (1949m), Nünalpstock (1894m), Haldimattstock (1793m), Bärenturm (1799m)

There was supposed to be only little rain on Sunday, so Linus, Gintare and me decided to go on a hike. I was tasked with choosing a mountain with the explicit instructions to pick one where a single slip would not necessarily be fatal (as opposed to last time). What would be more obvious than going to the nice little village of Sörenberg?!

Leaving Adliswil at 6:30 in the morning we arrive at Sörenberg post office at 9:00 o'clock. The trail is easy and the weather overcast but nice. Getting higher and higher we are soon walking on frozen ground and have to cross patches of hard snow and sheer ice. Good thing we are almost at summit altitude already and the terrain is not very difficult - otherwise it could have been tricky indeed without crampons.

The day is a good demonstration for why you want to dress in layers: starting in t-shirt and sweating in the sun we are soon shivering in the wind on the summit despite wearing all clothes we brought including gloves and beanies. Hiking along the long ridge we cover four summits: Haglere (1949m), Nünalpstock (1894m), Haldimattstock (1793m) and Bärenturm (1799m). We count exactly three drops of rain (one for each of us) before heading down from the Sattelpass towards Giswil. It's a long and boring descent mostly on paved roads. We arrive 15 minutes past 5, just as it gets dark and a full two minutes before the train leaves - perfect timing ;-)

~1200m up, ~1900m down, 24km, 8 hours total time

Ridge leading up to the Nünalpstock (1894m)
Linus' camera face - he can't help it.
We hiked the whole half-circle visible here.
One has to get down too...

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