Climbing Aaterästei (near Engi)

The weather was even better on Sunday so we could go a bit higher up. We went to Engi to climb on the Aaterästei. This is a huge boulder (a 60m rope is barely enough to climb on it!) that came down the mountain in an avalanche as recently as 1999. It has been cleaned and bolted and now features about 60 routes up to grade 7c. We were a group of 11 this time (Alex, Linus, Ivan, Ilya, Volodymyr, Sonja, Anton, Eduard, Anita, Sören, Andrey), making it feel as if this was a private picnic and climbing area.

The anthill.
Andrey in action.

The day turned out beautiful. Luckily you could choose to climb routes in the shade. Even so, at the end of the day people had funny patterns sunburned into their faces, with the helmet straps clearly visible as white lines.

Eduard belaying Ivan.
Scale reference.
Anita on top. Pointing out ambitious future goals.

Anton, who was visiting from Munich, climbed Psychodelic (6c), believing it was a 6a when starting on it (we should learn to read topos...). Still, he made it look easy. Much later, when he had already left, I tried it too. Struggling and needing a rest (damn!) half-way through, I shouted over to Volodymyr asking what Anton usually climbs. His laconic response: "Matterhorn, Eiger, shit like that". Well thanks for the inspiration dude! ;-)

Linus looking for holds.
Me in Senza Stumpä (6a+).

The train on the way back was crowded, so we decided to sit in the restaurant instead of a regular coach and order beers. Seeing the menu and hearing their stomachs growl our table of 6 Russian speaking guys ordered food too. Due to some language confusion (I think we had 4? nations represented at the table) they ended up with an extra dish causing much hilarity. Joking about this the waitress surprised everyone by answering in Russian. Apparently she was from Bulgaria.

"Look Ma! No Hands!" - the bus stop traverse.
Train rides can be fun!

I climbed (mostly as clean on-sights, although for a few routes I needed a rest on the wall):

  • Psychodelic 6c
  • Bolero 1st 5b / 2nd 6b+
  • Feigling 1st 6a+ / 2nd 6a
  • Murmelbier 6a+
  • Senza Stumpä 6a+
  • Äm Chrigel sini 6a
  • Miss Schweiss 6a
  • Rübis & Stübis 5c
  • Chez Madeleine 3a (barefoot)

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