Climbing Sunneplättli

Switzerland is still blessed with good dry weather so Andrey, Cyril and I set out to climb on the Sunneplättli at Lake Lucerne. It's almost 1000m above sea level, but facing South and, true to its name "Sun Slab", gets a lot of sun. It was a weirdly twilight day with haze hanging in the air. Towards the afternoon strong winds picked up, so the climbing ropes would vibrate. It got quite chilly. We still got some long single pitches done, although with three people the rotation takes a bit long.

Those blurry dots between my legs are Andrey and Cyril.
For some reason it seems physically impossible for my helmet to stay on straight.

As is usual in Switzerland the routes are well protected and bolted. The limestone rock is of great quality and the routes a very homogenous difficulty level. And the views across the lake towards the mountains are fantastic. Definitely a place to return to and explore more of the (many) crags.

Cyril photo bombing Andrey.
Cyril trying to figure out the small roof section on Abigdächli (6a).
A lonely sailor on Lake Lucerne.

I climbed:

  • Abigdächli 6a
  • Schwartenweg 5c
  • Wassermann 6a+
  • Electronic 6a+
  • Gugger 6a

Andrey on the lead. With his foot behind the rope. After clipping all his quick draws the wrong way around. That's what bouldering does to your head kids! It poisons the mind and corrupts the soul. Just say no to bouldering!

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