Climbing Gallerie Weesen

A quick after-work climbing session with Andrew and Vinay. Originally Sam wanted to join as well, but had to attend a meeting instead. With little time, and three people eager to climb, I thought I'd set up a rope for self belay. We fixed it to the anchor and I started climbing, belayed by my ascender on the rope. I attached my backpack to the end of the rope as a counter weight. I did not consider that the wall was overhanging and my backpack dangling a few meters away from it, pulling me out and away from the rock. There I was, hanging in mid air, no way to get back on the rock. So I ascended the rope using a prusik and the self belay device. Good exercise for bigwall/alpine maneuvers, but not quite what I had in mind. I blame absent Sam!

Andrew and Vinay have climbed together a lot before. They have this rule between them that whenever you want a rest you won't get it unless you shout with conviction: "I'm a big pussy and I need you to take!". Good rule! Right down my alley. We each only got two routes done, but that still amounted to more than 50 meters of climbing, so not bad. Now we just need to screw our "Lead Heads" back on - too much gym climbing makes you weak psychologically ;-)

  • Zigerchrapfe 6a+
  • Der Riss 6a+

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