Anita an I spent the past weekend sight seeing in Vienna. I have been to the city before on my bike trip in 2004 and didn't like it very much. From the point of view of a penny-less bike nomad struggling to survive traffic on the big streets and trying to find a place to pitch a tent for the night it sucked. However, as a tourist arriving from the airport with money and staying at a nice hotel with a beautiful woman for company it works much better ;-)

Our room in the Hotel Donauwalzer. Every one of the top floor rooms is styled uniquely after one of the local specialties. We got the beer room! ;-)
Do note the functional Zapfanlage (beer dispenser). Much cheaper than the regular minibar in the room - 20 Euros all you can drink.
One of the many Christmas markets.
St. Stephen's Cathedral.
View from the tower of the cathedral.
Quite a claustrophobic climb with lots of tourists in the narrow staircase. 343 stairs to ascend.
Front row seats on the upper deck of the sight-seeing bus.
One of many opulent buildings, the natural history museum. Vienna is very baroque and very rich.
"Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists." An art installation in the hipster museum quarter.
One of the cooler installations. Anita hated it ;-)
Cocktails! Followed by Star Wars in 3D.
Fancy and extremely delicious cafe in Schönbrunn Palace while waiting for our time slot for touring the place.
Apple Strudel show.
We had a private whirl pool and sauna for two hours ;-)

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