Sledding in Laax

Quite a few friends and family stayed on after our wedding. We turned our apartment into a camp and commuted to Laax for sledding and skiing. "Schlitteln", as the Swiss call it, is not your grandparent's sledding. You take a chair lift up the mountain and get to enjoy a run of several kilometers. We've reached top speeds of almost 50 kilometers an hour (I was carrying my GPS device). While this would be pretty unremarkable on skis, it is quite an exciting ride on a sled. You barely control these things and every bump in the track smacks you around. Landings after some voluntary or involuntary air time are quite brutal. I think everybody ended the day happy but bruised ;-) Good times!

The crew: Anita, Fiona, Gundula, Richard, Sarah, Anke, Susanne, Volker, Christian, Sören, Anselm.
Torsten and Fiona. Fiona was very skeptical at first, but then requested a ride with each of her three brothers. Success! ;-)
Stupid tourists. Blocking the road.
Videos to come...

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