Höch Dossen (1885) and Hohmad (1934m)

I went for another quick hike on Sunday. This time conditions turned out perfectly - nicely frozen snow in the early morning and beautiful blue skies later in the day. I was on my own, breaking trail all the way. The serenity, solitude and quiet of the mountains was just what I needed: the perfect cure for a stressful week at work. The ridge offers an opportunity for a long enchainement, going for an all out endurance trip. It's quite exposed and difficult though (for a hike) and come noon the snow turned into the familiar wet spring slush. Too dangerous to continue. A mission for another day. Still, a wonderful trip that got me severely sunburned - I had a red mask for a face ;-)

~14km, ~1300m elevation gain, ~5 hours

Frozen popsicles.
Getting steeper.
This is work!
Follow the rabbit!
On the ridge proper. Don't slip.
Pilatus in the distance.
The most massive summit cross I've ever seen. On a minor side-peak...

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