Grosser Mythen (1898m)

Laure and Quarup wanted to test how well "Cafezinho" would fare in his new carrier backpack. Mark joined us and we hiked up the Grosser Mythen once more. The little one seemed to be enjoying himself and strategically slept through the boring parts. I think we can consider the experiment a success. We are good to go for longer missions - definitely high time to teach him climbing! ;-) While the Grosser Mythen is famous for its beautiful vistas we didn't get to enjoy much of any. It felt more like sitting in a steam room. On the plus side it stayed dry safe for a little drizzle towards the end.

Back home we watched the (underwhelming and boring) soccer match between Germany and Slovakia. I'll always cheer for the underdog, but they have to at least put up a fight... Anyway, we finished the evening with a round of board games. A fun day!

Laure and "Cafezinho"

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