Brüggler (1777m), via Highway (5b)

Anita, Laure, Quarup, their toddler "Cafezinho" and I went up to the Brüggler campground on Saturday. We spent the afternoon strolling around the Obersee (and trying to swim in it - with mixed success, as the water level was very low and the lake filled with lots of algae grabbing your limbs) and playing viking chess. We had a luxurious barbeque on an open fire with corn on the cob, bell peppers, steaks, sausages, sweet potato and bread. Compared to my typical camping and hiking food this was five star cuisine. Unfortunately we used the grill from a gas stove and the metal wasn't designed for this kind of heat - it simply melted away. Sorry Q!

My quick foray into the jungle.
Q and Laure were all set to win and then toppled the king prematurely, leading to a draw. We need a rematch!
Campground with a view. Cowbells ringing you to sleep.

Next morning we hiked up to the Brüggler South face where Q and I set out to climb the 230 meters of Highway (5b). Q's first multi pitch route! While we were climbing the ladies were chilling in the shade with the tentative plan of hiking up to the summit and meeting us there. Ultimately they decided the trail was a bit too steep and dicey to risk it with a one year old in the backpack. So we later met up again at the campground instead.

The hike in.

Q and I had a great time on the wall and made it to the summit in little more than four hours, despite losing the route towards the end and climbing a harder 5c pitch. I'm pretty sure Q enjoyed it enough that I have recruited one more climber for future expeditions ;-) We hiked back down and returned home with a mandatory stop on the highway at Cindy's diner. A fun weekend!

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