Gross Spitzen (2399m) and New Year's Eve

Mel and Christian joined our merry band for New Year's Eve. We combined the Swiss tradition of cheese raclette with the German tradition of Feuerzangenbowle (fire tongs punch), watching the cult classic movie of the same title. Went to bed around 4:30 in the morning after DJ Sarah incited a crazy dance performance.

Torsten couldn't resist jamming in Anita's church while Richard, Anke and I went climbing at our local gym.
Crowded table.
The only person not allowed to drink alcohol is preparing it for the rest of us - cheers Anita! ;-)

While the others had to leave back for the real world (and work) one by one, Richard and Torsten stayed on a bit longer so we could climb another mountain. We had our eyes set on the Gross Spitzen with the intention of continuing along the ridge. The guy running the cable car warned us that the last party that tried it had to give up and turn around, despite showing up in full mountaineering gear and crampons. We just had our regular hiking attire. The Gross Spitzen proved to be no trouble at all, but the ridge was a treacherous combination of a thin layer of snow on a sheet of blank ice. So we decided to just take a detour through the valley instead of risking it on the ridge.

Me testing the (frozen) waters and deciding it to be turnaround time.

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