Climbing Gallerie Amden

Switzerland was enjoying a good weather spell of a week of sunshine and clear skies. I was itching to go climbing. At the same time I was somewhat constrained by the fact that this was the calculated due date of Anita's pregnancy and we were expecting our first child real soon now. This ruled out long approaches or multi pitches. To maintain a 1 hour back-to-home, on-call SLA (service level agreement) with Anita we decided to head for the classic crag at the Gallerie Amden. Nicola, John, Luigi and I had a pretty good outing. Luigi and I climbed Brill├Ątidi 5c, Zigerchrapfe 6a and 6a+ and Glanerriss 6a+. We proceeded to try Goldmarie 7a. Luigi had a pretty good go at it and managed to work the rope all the way up by breaking the route down into a sequence of boulder problems with a lot of rests at the bolts. I attempted it on top rope, but didn't get very far.

Our kid didn't even think about coming out yet ;-)

John and Nicola.
Lake Walen.
Luigi coming up...
...in style.
Crowded crag!

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