Climbing Balzers

Our baby gave us one hell of a night. We couldn't sleep more than two hours at a time. Still we were determined to take advantage of the still gorgeous weather outside and go climbing. Arne suggested the crag at Balzers which turned out to be a perfect choice. It's just across the border in Liechtenstein right at the river Rhine. A beautiful spot, sheltered from the sun by trees. Hard as it is to believe, this was an advantage, because it was very hot (in April!).

Crowded crag but very relaxed atmosphere with open fire barbecues and good mood all around.
Luigi negotiating the roof of Bananäschalä.
Arne in Bananäschalä.

You can park right at the crag, making it very accessible and kids friendly. As a consequence there were lots of people hanging out and climbing. Including families with small kids who demonstrated impressive climbing ability. Our own baby slept through all of it, just to spite us. After keeping us up all night she now slept five and four hours at a time and only woke up briefly for some food. Of course she'd later demand entertainment once we were back home. Her dull and boring parents never do anything with her. Grmbl.

Sören on the start of Blitzidee.
Anita and Leonie, youngest at the crag today.
Silvia and Luigi brought a veritable sofa to the crag.

We climbed:

  • Bananäschalä, 35m, 6a
  • Blitzidee, 20m, 6a
  • Café de Brasil, 35m, 5c

We also set up a top rope for a 6c+ and mostly figured out the sequence for that. Still a bit out of reach for a clean red-point, but not impossible. A very relaxed day in a beautiful location. More of this please ;-)

Luigi about to pull up onto the 6c+ slab.
Sören about to top out on a pitch featuring fantastic hand pockets and overall super fun climbing.
Studying the topo.
Anita, Leonie, Silvia.
We could have sent her floating down the river and she would have just slept on.

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