Grosser Mythen (1898m)

Christian and Susanne were visiting for a few days with their 10 and 7 year old kids. Susanne was still recovering from a broken toe and could only wear loose sandals. As a consequence we couldn't go on any big mountains. I still wanted to drag them up a quick one. Thus we resorted to the old fallback of Grosser Mythen. We used the cable car for the lower half of the mountain and hiked up the rest. It was scorching hot and from the summit we could see thunderstorms over lake Lucerne. While there were a few kids on the mountain that day I think Leonie must have been the youngest ;-) She was super sweet about it and hardly complained at all. Nearly suffocated in daddy's and her own sweat and still just gazed at her surroundings with huge eyes or simply retreated into the baby sling and slept. She gave us a big smile and hug under the summit cross. Great trooper!

Sue survived with her toe, but it was a painful descent. The kids ate it up though. It was their first proper mountain and they were mighty proud of themselves. Especially when they made it back down half an hour sooner than their parents. I think we can book this as a success!

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