Skiing Pizol

I'm slowly working my way through all the ski resorts within a two hour driving distance of Zürich. This Sunday Björn and Thomas joined me and we went to Pizol. I have climbed the mountain in the past on a snowshoe tour and used the ski slopes as my descent route, but I had never actually skied there. It's a rather small resort but the slopes are nice and at a comfortable decline that allows for super fast runs. It's also probably the resort with the most spectacular views - many runs look as if you'd fly off directly into the valley. Anita and Leonie joined us later in the day for some mild hiking and sledding. It was a bit too cold for Leonie to really enjoy it though, so we went home quickly after that.

Björn contemplating the terrible life choices that got him here.
Thomas, Sören, Björn.
Must have missed the turnoff. Experiments in off-piste skiing.
This is rather more fun than on-piste but also more tiring.

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