Climbing Balzers

After I've spent the better part of Saturday on the wall, Sunday was a family day. This doesn't mean no climbing though. We recruited Leonie's favorite playdate: Luigi and Silvia with their daughter Marzia. Andrey joined too and we all went to the crag at Balzers. A village just across the border to Liechtenstein. The crag is right next to the river Rhine and one can park a mere stone throw away from the wall. The spot is so popular with families that there were a whole bunch of strollers other than our own. In fact, one of them belonged to Kornelius. It's funny how we keep bumping into one another at climbing spots. The last time we were both dangling from a rope, him going down, me going up.

Climbing is a very exhausting sport that requires extensive rest ;-)

Andrey was a bit disorganized and showed up with a single climbing shoe. This is not very helpful when trying hard routes, so instead we stuck to some 5c's and 5a's that he could climb barefoot. Suited me just fine, as climbing with a toddler in tow means more time spent on the ground than on the wall anyways. Fun day in the sun and the kids enjoyed eating pebbles and testing themselves on a few vertical moves too.

Andrey freestyling barefoot while Marzia and Leonie spectate.
That boulder in the river was fully exposed with a nice beach surrounding it the last time we've been here.

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