Chöpfenberg (1896m) East Ridge

Paweł and I both had family commitments in the afternoon. This left half a day for a "quicky" in the mountains. Paweł suggested the east ridge of the Chöpfenberg. A T5 scramble (note to self: remember that "hikes" with Paweł typically involve hands as much as they do feet) in the Schwändi valley. An area I know quite well because it's home to the Brüggler - one of the most convenient multi pitch climbing areas close to Zürich. In fact, the ridge is a direct continuation of the Brüggler itself.

It was a great morning and hiking the ridge was over way too soon. We were back in Zürich in time for lunch. I spent the afternoon swimming in the lake with Leonie. Good times all around.

Self serve beer from an animal trough. Switzerland is awesome!
The approach is shared with the descent route from Brüggler.
The scrambling starts.
Never hard, but always exposed. Mistakes anywhere along the ridge would have dire consequences.
A bit of bushwhacking.
The famous climbing butt-shot.
Tiny version of the Thank God Ledge?
Chöpfenberg summit cross visible in the distance.
Ants colonized the ridge everywhere.
The Bockmattli towers Andrey and I climbed two weeks ago. We saw the Rega helicopter fly another rescue mission into the face from our vantage point.
Looking back over the ridge.
This may look idyllic but it was the most annoying part of the entire hike. Descending steep meadows with slippery muddy steps.

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