Skiing Flumserberg

Winter has been in full swing for a while now but so far I haven't managed to take advantage of it. Yesterday Björn and I finally had the opportunity to go skiing. We chose one of the closest resorts to Zürich, Flumserberg, just like an estimated two billion other ski enthusiasts. It's high time I learn ski touring and break my own trail instead of waiting in line with the crowds. Anyway, despite initial worries it turned out to be a really nice day in the end. We covered just about every run they have plus a few off-piste variations.

Uh oh!
Not so bad after all...
...not bad at all in fact.

When we arrived, the gondolas weren't running. Once we were ready to go everything was back to normal, so we didn't give it any second thoughts. Around noon everything stopped again. Apparently there was an area wide power outage (when does that ever happen nowadays?!). They used emergency power to creep the lifts upwards in slow motion and get all the people off. We used the opportunity to go for lunch. Of course the kitchens weren't running either so the cold buffet was raided while the cashiers were improvising with pocket calculators and accepting cash only. Just when we were done with the break the lifts were running again. In the end it proved only a minor nuisance to us but we did get a 50% refund on the ticket for the day. I'll take that!

Spirits rising during the course of the day.
Björn. Lake Walen in the background.

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