Climbing Matlusch

We took advantage of the fantastic weather last weekend to meet up with Luigi and Silvia and take the kids climbing in Liechtenstein. Luigi chose Matlusch, an area neither of us had been to be before. It turned out be a great crag with bomber quality limestone rock and a nice selection of routes. Unfortunately the area was a bit too steep to have the kids run around. So we established a basecamp at a little creek in the valley before Luigi and I went off to climb. We did a bunch of warm up 5b/5c routes and before I headed up an unknown and pieced together route that felt to be in the 6a/lower 6b difficulty range. My 50m rope turned out to be too short, so Luigi traversed onto a ledge and we pieced together a way to lower to the ground.

Anita and Silvia hanging out.
Leonie exploring the creek. Training to negotiate rough terrain.
Luigi getting ready.

We returned to base where the kids had enjoyed playing in the rocky riverbed. Leonie insisted on holding her bare feet into the melt water and only backed off after a few minutes when it started hurting from the cold. We roped the kids up and had them "rappel" a boulder. Wide smiles from ear to ear when they felt like queens of the world. In the evening Ben came over to our place and we ordered pizza and watched Free Solo. Great times all around.

Nice views.
Leonie learning to keep her feet against the wall. "Leonie stark!" - you go girl!
Building cairns.

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