Climbing Albbruck

We went cragging with the kids on Saturday. Anita was struggling with a bad cold, so I took Leonie to give mommy some time to recover. Andrey suggested Albbruck, just across the border in Germany. A new area for me. Usually I don't like gneiss very much because it tends to feel grimy and slippery. Not so here. The rock is beautifully structured and fun to climb. The crag is 5 minutes away from the village supermarket and a popular picnic destination. As such there were quite a few people around. Our own group was comprised of Björn, Andrey, Iljya, Nicole, Luigi, Silvia and the kids Marzia and Leonie. Between all of us adults, taking care of the kids was quite easy (thank you Silvia in particular!). I got to climb "Hassliweg" VI, "Dürligieger" VI and "Sapperlot" VII+.

Leonie exploring the place.
There's a nice fireplace right at the creek.
The place even features a (tiny) sandy beach!

Leonie was a champ for the entire trip. On the car ride in she was singing to herself. Once there she enthusiastically explored our rocky picnic spot and learned to negotiate the rough terrain. She even went barefoot into the bitterly cold creek. She and Marzia had a great time running around, throwing rocks into the water and just generally being outside. Luigi and Silvia brought a harness for kids and we set up a rope swing for them. Leonie enjoyed it tremendously. Later in the afternoon, when we did it again, she let all her limbs hang down limply, closed her eyes and swayed back and forth, her face to the sky. It looked very relaxed and very zen. We stayed for a total of four hours and by the end Leonie was so tired she fell asleep before we even left the parking lot. Success!

Luigi on "Dürligieger", Andrey getting ready.
My groupies. Leonie and Marzia would get all excited when they saw Luigi or me climb. "Daddy! Daddy!"
To quote Björn: "You've got the pack mule look down to a pat!"

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