Climbing Holzegg

With the corona restrictions easing up somewhat in Switzlerand, Luigi and I decided to go cragging on Sunday. We are currently a bit of an uneven match. While I have turned into an all out couch potatoe from self isolation over the past three months, Luigi actually had a decent winter season with some ice climbing and kept up training at the hangboard and crags and even during the lockdown. So I felt like a dead-weight going in. In the end it turned out OK. We climbed for most of the day and I led some solid pitches even if I had to give the harder ones to Luigi.

We climbed:

  • Chicken Joe, 5c
  • Saperlotti, 5c
  • Meister Franz, 6b (well, Luigi did, I gave up)
  • Voralpentiger, 5b, 6a+
  • Hoppla, 5b, 6a+, 6b+
Some random dude in photogenic position. The crag was well frequented that day.

Comfortable anchor chains.

Last bit of snow in the mountains.

Luigi & bird.

Finally outside again!

Luigi following in Hoppla.

Luigi negotiating the 6b+ roof in Hoppla.

View from just below the roof.


View towards the Einsiedeln valley.

Reality vs advertisement: check out the beautiful stone bridge on the truck vs the bridge actually in front of their workshop...

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