Cragging at Hüttenchopf

Luigi treated himself to a new guidebook so we got to choose from a whole selection of fresh crags. For this Saturday we picked the Hüttenchopf near Ennenda. It's a rather small crag but the approach is about as comfortable as you could possibly hope for. A little more than an hour's drive away from Zürich you can walk right up to it in 5 minutes. This was an important criteria because Silvia and Marzia would be joining us. Training the next generation of climbers.

View from the parking lot. Not too shabby.
Nice trail on the approach.
Art? Instruction manual?

All routes at this crag can be climbed as single pitches with a 70m rope. Great quality limestone. The average difficulty level of the routes is fairly high, so at our current fitness levels and state of training we had to stick to the easier ones. I have never had such a large variety of different climbing styles condensed to such a small area. We climbed a corner that turned into a chimney as our first route. Followed by some steep, even slightly overhanging, wall on small crimps. Followed by an edge that demanded bear hugs and even offered a nice opportunity for a heel hook. Finally topped by a crack pitch where you could practice jamming. It's almost as if somebody intentionally set routes to demonstrate and practice different climbing techniques. Fantastic.

The corner, chimney and crack. Note the BBQ place!
Exemplary labeling of routes.
Fat old man stuck in a chimney.

The local climbing gang also hung out at the crag and it was a pleasantly chill and colleagial atmosphere. Silvia and Marzia could play around the little fire place and cheer daddy on. Marzia even got to climb a bit herself. All around great day out! Thank you Luigi and family!

We climbed:

  • Schattenspiel, 6a
  • Spitting Image (1st pitch), 6a+
  • Wallholz, 6a
  • Waldfee, 6a
  • Milan, 6b

Striking autumn colors.
Having a good time.
Luigi guiding Marzia up a climb.
In the crack.

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