Cragging at Engi

It was a bit windy and too chilly to "go big". Besides, there's still way too much snow in the high country. So we decided to join Mark, Kai and friends for a day of cragging at Engi. It's a kids friendly area with a small training boulder and mellow terrain to scramble and run around and explore. Marzia and Leonie were a bit too excited to be climbing. We turned our backs for a second and the next thing we knew is that they waved at us from the very top of the boulder, grinning from ear to ear over a 10 meter drop. Our next attempts were a bit more controlled and involved helmets and a harness ;-)

First contact with the rock. Lukas could not stand by - he had to do whatever the big girls were doing.
Leonie and Marzia getting ready.
You go girls!
Daddy gets to climb a bit too.
We climbed a few 6a+ routes. I got barely three hours of sleep the night before, so my performance was somewhat impaired.
Marzia and Leonie insisting on helping me belay Luigi: "Don't worry dad! We got the rope!"
How it started...
...how it's going.

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