Cragging at Plattenkreuz, Näfels

Luigi and I went cragging at Plattenkreuz. I've never been to this particular crag, despite how convenient it is. By car, it only takes a few minutes longer to get to than the gyms. And the approach from the parking lot is literally only a few seconds long. In return you get a dozen or so routes with beautiful views and bomber rock.

We climbed:

  • Riss, 5b
  • Gringitta, 5c
  • Marcelino y Pan y Vino, 6a
  • Unnamed, 6b

Glarus is a catholic canton and we heard church bells non-stop. Must have been some kind of special Sunday.

Despite my long hiatus I managed to lead them all cleanly except for the 6b crux. That was a long traverse on crimps and marginal footholds. Felt quite good about that performance. And it certainly was extremely satisfying to finally be back on rock.

Coming back from the crag I immediately went to the outdoor swimming pool to meet with Anita and the kids. Hot weather and quite a few people lounging around on the grass around the pool. But suspiciously few actually in the water. It's unheated and cold! Lukas only dipped his toes and refused to go in. Leonie on the other hand didn't want to leave again. She has made tremendous strides in recent months in her swimming lessons and isn't phased by cold water at all. She was happily diving and splashing around long after I got cold and asked her if it might be enough!

Namesake for the wall. The big cross at the top that's visible from the village below. I surprised two hikers when I popped up my head from an unexpected direction ;-)
Luigi working the 6a route.

For the late afternoon we went to Zürich to a kids' birthday party. Cold drinks and cake in the park while the kids worked themselves out on the playground. Very satisfying day ;-)

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