Cragging at Engi with family

Anitas brother Helmut with his family visited us at the end of October. We had barely completed the move and were just ready to receive visitors again. So they drove up from Stuttgart to see if the new house passed muster - it was deemed adequate ;-P On Saturday we all went to Engi for some kids friendly climbing and picnic location. The four kids loved exploring the creek, boulders and climbing wall together. And everybody enjoyed self made hot dogs over an open fire. The next day Leonie insisted on showing off her forest kindergarden to everyone. So we walked there and spent the day romping around the forest. Turned out we weren't the only ones taking advantage of the nice wheather and nice location: a group of other forest kindergarden parents, families and friends had also gathered to make bread on a stick and have a good time. Good weekend all around.

(I try to avoid posting pictures of the kids' faces online, so for the best photos you need to come visit us ;-P)

The kids exploring the creek right at the parking lot.
The picnic had to start right away. Packing all these foodstuffs without being allowed to eat them was a challenge before we even left the house.
Paul in action.
Same move, different wall.
The gang roaming the area.
Climbing instructions?
Climbing instructions.
Paul climbing. Me belaying. Leonie waiting her turn and discovering a natural slide.
Causing chaos.
Forest kindergarden swing #1
Forest kindergarden swing #2

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