Selun (2205m)

I was on kids duty in the morning which left only half a day for the mountains. Afroz was up for a hike and we chose one of the Churfirsten as our destination. They are only a short drive away from home and we could cut the ascent in half by using one of Switzerland's Unusual cable cars and mountain railways, the Selunbahn. This is basically an open wooden box dangling off a metal wire. Funky ride.

Our destination is the inclined green tennis court mountain on the left.
Afroz, with the Alpstein as backdrop.
One step at a time...

The hike itself was fairly unremarkable. A long grassy ramp all the way to the summit. From there we could enjoy dramatic views straight down to lake Walen. The best thing about this hike was really the company. We had a great conversation going all day long where I learned a lot about India. Afroz also told me about his standup comedy routine - he has recently started touring the bars in Z├╝rich. Chapeau! I'd never dare go up on stage like that. Nevermind that I also wouldn't be funny ;-P

Walensee. It's a steep enough drop just below us that there are some rock climbing routes on it.
Afroz on the ridge. There's a T6 traverse linking all of the Churfirsten summits. A daring feat and absolute endurance monster.
The cablecar. Seats four. When we took it, Afroz was the fifth person and had to duck into the lower back corner. Uncomfortable, but luckily only a short ride.

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