Dilitschchopf (1330m) via West ridge

A beautifully sunny Tuesday entirely at my disposal. Start the day with two and half hours in the climbing gym with Christian - climbing on the outside walls to take advantage of the sun. Then continue on to Jura where the thunderstorms predicted for the late afternoon should come later than elswhere. The SAC Zürich section had recently organized a hike here that I wanted to follow on my own. They described it as a four hour roundtrip on a scrambling / challenging T4 ridge. You never gain very much altitude, so the hike stays below the tree line at all times. Beautiful. However I disagree with the "challenging" and "T4" rating - it seemed way easier to me. I reached the summit much faster than posted and spontaneously decided to extend the original route to include the entirety of the ridgeline, almost doubling the distance.

13km, +700m, 3h

Tunnel ventilation during construction work.
Typical Swiss infrastructure: put the creek into a tunnel and then cross the railway tunnel in the mountain. They stack their infrastructure taking full advantage of the third dimension...
A museum for gas station pumps?!
Light at the end of the tunnel.
Don't miss the trail!
Oops. I only saw this sign when I left the trail, so either it is only marked on one side, or my previous more or less pathless hike along the top of the ridge doesn't count.
Fireplace with a view.
This was ant country. So many giant ant hills.

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