free gmail account for you

I have a couple of free accounts for the new google mail service (www.gmail.com) currently in beta to give away. If you are interested in one drop me a line. I'm curiously awaiting the reactions and success of google's take on email. 1GB of free storage and powerful search functions (you'd expect that from google - right?). No folders to sort your mails into but labels instead (you can tag mails, which, in a way, is more powerful than folders because mails can have more than one tag assigned to them). But best of all features is the new pop3 forwarding which lets you read your gmails with your normal rich desktop mail client instead of the html web interface. The web interface isn't bad as far as web interfaces go - but I never liked them and google hasn't changed that.

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  1. Hi,

    sounds nice, but if you pop3 forward your messages to the "normal" mail client, how does it handle the tagging? Doesn't this work only with the web-interface?