I took the geek test...

...at innergeek and scored 37.27811% which makes me a major geek. Guess I'll have to be - otherwise I wouldn't be proud of the result and trying to improve on it - or would I? ;-) Read an interesting article about the development of Audion. Got my credentials from my previous employer and am currently looking for a new job. In the meanwhile I'm doing Java contract work for a small start-up. Sabre-Security produces binary debugging, audit and verification tools which is a whole new field for me. It's also a whole new perspective on software and bugs: usually I'm the "try to find the bug by reading the code" type instead of the "start the debugger and see what happens" type. Of course when you don't even have access to the code my approach doesn't work any more... Jumped on the FireFox bandwaggon. Like it so far. Especially impressed by the easy migration process from internet explorer. Tabbed browsing is cool. Adblock is waaaaay cool. Was using the proxomitron for ad filtering before which is a PITA in comparison. Went climbing tonight. My fingers didn't hurt too much, so I hope their condition is improving (my knuckles were the reason I ended my bicycle tour early). James from the States is visiting us at the moment - hi James ;-)


  1. Gotcha, geekwise:
    48 point something percent Geek - yay!

    Too bad I don't have a TV, but I'm not about to get one of these time-suckers just to score better on a geek test. Although... naaah. ;-)

    CU tonight at Fixi's,

    YT, Yendi

  2. Hah! But what's up with your geekiness if you cannot even remember the decimal places of your test results? ;-)

  3. Hey, those decimal points were displayed only once, and when I wanted to submit my results, they were gone. I had to cite them from memory.
    Should I retake the test, then?


  4. Ok, Yendi won, barely...

    47.92899 % Super Geek

    (and I swear I would have spelled out all the digits anyway and I hate the Geektest site for not allowing to copypaste 'em)

    I already knew the test, though, and already took it the first time few years ago.


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