Proud to be American...or not?

the german magazine Der Spiegel runs an article about US Americans pretending to be Canadians because they are ashamed of their own country's politics and don't wanna face embarassing questions about Bush when travelling. I thought that was really funny - and sad really. Here's the article. For english readers the same from the times . How did that graphical joke about Canada and the US go? A map of both countries and Canada saying: "We are bigger and we are on top - in prison you'd be our bitch." BuschnicK, proud to be Canadian ;-) ey

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  1. Before the American election there was a documentary on German television about American artists who left the United States to live and work in Berlin for political reasons and because they felt surpressed by the government. This struck me as really mentionable, since during the Third Reich it worked the other way around, many German artists leaving to live and work in the USA. Poetic justice of a kind. (And yes I know it is evil and politically incorrect to compare the United States of today with the Germany of the 1930s, but sometimes it is just too hard to ignore the obvious).

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