The tech support generation

An article on MSNBC about coming home for Christmas and fix your parents' computers. All too true. There's something seriously wrong with technology... Apple is on the right track fixing the usability problems, I have to give them that - and I hate the company. Anyway, I myself have been wasting hours toying around with technology lately. Set up my own webserver and remote shell access to my computer at home. The whole setup was up and running relatively soon, though I didn't realize it because my stupid router doesn't support loopback. Meaning the webserver was working properly as expected but I wouldn't know because it wasn't reachable under it's domain name from inside my LAN. Solution? Either buy a new router or do as I do now: use a free proxy server. Get this: I'm accessing the web server running on my computer through a proxy server in southern Thailand. sick Why am I doing this you wonder? Well... wait and see ;-)

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