Most efficient time waster ever

I am sooo mad at frickin Windows Vista. From a usability perspective it has been a total downgrade compared to Windows XP, even if you - like I do - use the old color scheme and windows style without any useless fancy Aero drek. Vista's "improvements" are usually just fucking annoying time wasters but today's bug really drove me crazy: As a localization "help" Vista set up aliases so the program files folder (amongst others) points to the same directory for different languages. In my case "c:/programme" is supposed to be an alias for "c:/program files" (or maybe the other way around). So far so good. What happened next is that I have installed the apache webserver to it's default location which is "c:/program files". It gets mirrored in c:/programme and everything is fine. Or so you'd think until you try to modify any of it's installation files (like the server config say). I shut down the service, modify httpd.conf and restart apache. No change. I look into the conf and verify that I did indeed change the file. I restart apache. No change. I restart Windows. No change. After a while of banging my head against this I finally figure out that I actually have two (!) httpd.confs - one in c:/programme and on in c:/program files. I scratch my head and go WTF?! I compare both files and voila: only one of them is changed. Ok, so save the changes to the other as well. No deal. File cannot be changed. Uninstall apache. Service is gone. c:/programme/apache... is gone. c:/program files/apache is not gone! WTF?! Lesson learned: stay away from Vista's fucking helpful aliased folders. I should have known better after having a very similar problem with an "undeletable" file in my start menu which suffers from the same "feature" and kept reappearing magically after having been deleted. Thanks but no thanks Microsoft. Current setup: Apache installed to f:/WebServer and everything's fine.

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